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We make our own hand-cast concrete pots, which we think look great paired with our wide range of house plants (if we say so ourselves!). All of our pots are hand-cast with care and attention to detail by our team in London.

We’ve got a variety of designs available in three different sizes, from our classic and minimalist matt grey, to our range of distressed pots, which offer a more industrial look. For a splash of colour, we’ve also got 9 different trim options and, for an even bolder look, 4 coloured concrete pots. If you’re stuck on which pot to choose for your plant, or are undecided on what pot will look the best in your space, have a peek at our Inspiration page, which has our favourite plant and pot combinations, as well as specific looks and styles.

We’ve spent a long time developing a concrete mixture that creates not only a great looking pot, but also a lasting, strong product.

Behind the scenes:

  • We use a traditional mix of sand, cement and water as the core ingredients of our concrete.
  • A bonding agent is added to strengthen the concrete and create the desired texture we’re looking for.
  • Concrete is poured into our moulds and left to air dry.
  • Once set, we remove our pots from the moulds, sand down any imperfections and rub the surfaces to bring out more texture.
  • We then apply a layer or two of concrete water sealant to protect from water damage and create a lasting pot.
  • Lastly, we add two layers of lacquer to give the pot further protection and mattify the finish.

And voilà!