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How Should I Look After My Houseplants in Autumn and Winter?

How Should I Look After My Houseplants in Autumn and Winter?

The majority of houseplants come from tropical climates close to the equator where there is much less seasonal change compared to the UK. As we move through Autumn and into winter, there’s a few things you can do to keep your houseplants happy.

As the days get shorter, there will be less sunlight available for your houseplants. Consider moving your house plants to sunnier spots closer to windows so they can absorb more light. Regularly dusting your plants leaves will also help them absorb as much light as possible.
Your houseplants will (hopefully) have been growing at an impressive pace over Spring and Summer. This will slow down and even stop completely over winter whilst they become dormant – they’ll require less water and nutrients. Water less frequently and stop fertilising your plants until next Spring.

Keep your plants away from spots prone to big fluctuations in temperature during the winter, e.g. radiators or draughty windows. Big fluctuations in temperatures at a time when your houseplants maybe dormant can cause unwanted shocks. If you’re away for a weekend or Christmas and will be turning the heating off, consider moving your plants to a warmer spot in your home.

As you use the heating more, some areas of your home will become naturally more drier than in the summer. You can increase moisture around your house plants by:
• Misting their leaves every now and again
• Grouping plants together to create a micro-climate
• Placing plants in naturally more humid rooms like bathrooms.

Our favourite plants happy in semi-shade / low-light:



Prayer Plant

 This eye-catching   Prayer Plant has   distinctive leaves   with red veins running from the centre to the edges of its leaves with pink/red undersides

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